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Welcome 2 Edge & RVD!

Below is stuff about me... the webbie

the song playing is behind these hazel eyes by kelly clarkson LOL rob has brown like me & adam has green... WHOA stacy has brown & torrie has green 2 LMAO

If you have any questions or comments about my site or something for me to add to any of the pages, write me and one of my new addresses Edgeheads & RVD people. Just please use a fitting subject line, such as...
-love your site

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My name is Brandi, and I have been a edgehead / rvd fanatic since the middle of January 2002! I'm 26 between jobs & single with no prospects! I love kids! I don't have any of my own because I have never been married, but, I used to voulenteer at a local elementry school. I also luv cuddly pets, I don't have them either! I'm in a Cathlolic church youth group called YFC. I write short stories, when I can find the time, mostly kiddie stuff & scifi. Movies/TV I like... mostly WWE, comedies, & scary stuff even though I watch ALOT of other stuff, including cartoons (LOL) the cartoons I currently follow include Poke'mon & Yugioh. Some of my favorite authors are R.L. Stine, K.A. Applegate & J.K. Rowling! I have one sister, she is 15. I have many yahoo groups with open membership... one for Edge fans Edgeheads & one for Rob Van Dam fans RVD_rox!

.::Jazzy's Music Codes::. enter your complete b-day w/ 10-30-73 (Edge) or 12-18-70 (RVD) and it will tell you how compatable u & he r...
4 Edge I got physical=85% emotional=99% intellectual=23% total=69%
4 Rob I got physical=46% emotional=43% intellectual=88% total=53% ~*Brandi*~ this page is about me ^_~