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History... r they better together or apart!?

Edge once said they where better together... but I never heard Rob's thoughts on the matter.

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Kurt Angle/Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam/Edge.
The teams fought to a stalemate after several minutes, but a Five Star Frog Splash onto Angle helped RVDs team gain an advantage.
Jericho stepped in to offer some help and even the score.
The undisputed champ hit a bulldog on Edge, but missed his shot at a Lionsault.
Edge speared the champ, but Angle broke up the pinfall.
Soon after, Angle executed an Angle Slam on Edge with the referee distracted.
Jericho mopped up the win by slumping over Edge and securing a three count.

January 14, 2002
Edge & Rob Van Dam vs William Regal & Test.
Late in the match, Regal slips on a set of brass knucks and punches RVD.
Regal then knocks out Edge.
Regals pins Edge for the win.

The Dudleyz w/Stacy vs RVD & Edge.
IC Champion William Regal provided color commentary
Prior to the bout, the referee searched Regal for brass knuckles, but couldn't find any. Stacy soon went over to sit on Regal's lap -- and he took out a pair of brass knuckles, which had been hidden in the back of Stacy's shorts!
RVD nailed D-Von with the Five-Star Frog Splash, but Bubba planted RVD with a powerbomb. Edge nailed Bubba with a spear for a two-count, and Regal then got up on the apron and tried to knock out Edge with the knucks, but Edge moved, sending Bubba crashing right into Regal.
Edge then hit Bubba with the Edge-ecution for the pinfall.

William Regal/Dudleyz vs Rikishi/Edge/RVD.
RVD soon hit D-Von with Rolling Thunder.
But Regal hit RVD with a suplex, only to have Edge spear Regal.
Bubba tossed Edge into the ringpost, but Rikishi gave Bubba an avalanche and a Stink Face!
But moments later, the Dudleys gave Rikishi a thunderous 3-D, and Bubba pinned him for the win!
After the bout, Edge and Regal fought on the rampway, with Regal nailing Edge with the brass knuckles in the gut, and locking him in the Regal stretch!
Edge was coughing up blood before all was said and done.

February 11, 2002
Goldust/William Regal vs Edge/RVD.
Late in the match, Edge hits the spear on Regal.
Edge locks a new submission move on Regal (Cross between figure four & sharpshooter)
Regal taps out... giving EDGE and RVD the win...
Goldust comes into the ring but is speared by Edge.
Regal gets up and RVD kicks him from the top rope...

Hardcore champion RVD beat IC champ Edge (non title on 08-09-01)

The next time they met IC champ Edge would beat Hardcore champ RVD October 29, 2001 to defend his IC title
IC TITLE MATCH: Edge vs Rob Van Dam.
Rob Van Dam displayed his amazing flexibility, but Edge countered with some amazing movements himself.
With Edge dazed and lying on the mat, RVD went for a split-legged moonsault.
But Edge blocked the move and RVD took a pair of kness to the stomach.
Edge hit Van Dam with a spear, but the Hardcore Champion kicked out.
Shortly after, RVD missed a Five-Star Frog Splash that Edge dodged!
The Intercontinental Champion hit the challenger with a DDT and took the pin.

RVD beat Edge on November 01,2001 to defend his Hardcore title

Randy Orton and Edge (w/ Lita) vs. Kurt Angle and ECW/WWE Champion Rob Van Dam -(CMV1 note- Edge cut a pre-match promo about his view that ECW and its fans suck). Edge started things off against Kurt Angle, renewing their classic rivalry from a few years back. A lock up to start, but Angle quickly took him down with a double-leg take down. He did it again, but this time switched it in mid-air to an overhead throw. RVD tagged in, but quickly got clocked in the face. Orton tagged in and slammed Van Damís head to the turnbuckle. Orton tried to toss him to the opposite corner, but Van Dam countered and hit a spinning leg lariat. RVD then set Orton crotch-first on the top rope before coming off the top turnbuckle with a jumping side kick. With Orton on the outside, Van Dam took to the air again with a moonsault off the apron. Back in the ring, Orton regained momentum and tagged Edge. Edge whipped RVD into the corner, but failed to capitalize on the situation, as the champion caught him with a back elbow smash. RVD proceeded to hit a springboard back kick and go for Rolling Thunder. However, when he ran the ropes to build up some steam, Lita pulled the top rope down, sending the champ out of the ring and to the floor. We then got a dreaded mid-match commercial break, but I guess that was to be expected. Back from the break, Edge was in control of RVD, but the champ began battling back with right handed shots. Edge caught him with a drop toe hold, though, giving him the chance to tag Orton. Orton isolated Van Dam for a sequence or two and tagged Edge back in. The #1 contender promptly tossed the champ through the top and second ropes, sending him crashing into the announce table on the outside. Edge followed him out and threw him into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Orton tagged in and hit a nice dropkick. Edge quickly tagged and tried ramming Van Damís face into the turnbuckle. RVD countered, though, hitting a kick to the face and jumping double leg spinning wheel kick. Angle then got the hot tag and went wild with German suplexes galore. Orton tried to attack, but Angle countered and synched in the ankle lock. Randy struggled to the ropes, but Edge pulled him the rest of the way. Edge proceeded to come off the top rope looking for high risk, but Angle caught him and hit an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. He then went for the Angle Slam, but ended up getting his knee chop blocked. Orton went to work on the knee before Edge tagged in and tossed Kurt into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Edge scored a near fall for his outside handi-work. Angle came back from out of nowhere and locked in the chokehold heís been using in recent weeks. Lita interfered, though, allowing Edge to break the hold. Eventually, Angle caught Edge with a desperation German suplex, giving him time to make the hot tag to RVD. Van Dam came in and hit several of his signature spots before heading outside to retrieve a steel chair. Orton tried to prevent the chair usage, but ended up getting hit over the head with it. Meanwhile, Edge came running at RVD and knocked him off the apron to the outside. As Edge taunted Van Dam, Angle took the opportunity and got him in the ankle lock. Lita again interfered, but Angle grabbed her and hit a modified/botched Angle Slam. The interference worked, though, as it gave Orton the time to recover and catch an unsuspecting Angle with the RKO. Randy made the mistake of taunting, too, and got an RVD side kick from the top rope for his troubles. Van Dam tried to follow with Rolling Thunder, but Edge dropkicked him in mid roll. Edge then set himself up in the opposite corner for the Spear. At the same time, RVD grabbed the ECW title belt. As Edge came running at him looking his finish, the champion whirled around and drilled his challenger right in the face with championship belt. The finish came soon after when RVD hit the 5-star Frog Splash to earn his team the victory. Van Dam and Angle defeated Orton and Edge at 15:15.

At Vengeance, ECWís Rob Van Dam once again proved the critics wrong as he successfully defended his WWE Championship over RAWís Rated-R Superstar, Edge. The Champion survived interference from Lita, and later, used a 5-Star Frogsplash to score the 1-2-3, retaining the gold he worked for more than 15 years to hold. Prior to the match, Edge came out to address the Charlotte crowd. First, claiming the Carolina fans had nothing to do with the Hurricanesí Stanley Cup Championship, and then promising the fans that he would be reclaiming the WWE Championship and delivering a second live sex celebration on Mondayís RAW. During the match however, Edge failed to deliver on his promise. ECW highest flyer relied on his extensive array of aerial tactics to control the match and keep the Championship in ECW hands. Van Dam used a standing moonsault in the ring, a flying moonsault outside the ring, and a modified top rope Rolling Thunder to electrify the Bobcats Arena crowd. Edge got his fair share of offensive maneuvers in as well, first taking control when he incapacitated the Champion with a sunset flip powerbomb off the apron to the arena floor. The RAW challenger followed up the attack with another vicious powerbomb, this time into the ringside barrier. Back in the ring, an errant martial arts kick knocked the referee out, giving Edge and Lita a chance to team up to give the Rated-R Superstar an advantage. RVD hit the Van Daminator on Edge and then went up top for the 5-Star, but Lita pushed the ECW legend off his feet, allowing Edge to spike the Champion with a DDT off the top turnbuckle. The referee recovered but it was too late as RVD kicked out. Edge and Lita went for another double team tactic, but it backfired with the end result seeing Edge spear a steal chair. Van Dam capitalized, hitting the 5-Star Frogsplash and securing the pin. Van Dam once again defied the odds and kept the Championship in ECW hands. After the match, Van Dam was greeted backstage by John Cena. The triumphant Champion addressed the RAW Superstar. ďYou had balls to show up at One Night Stand, and you had balls to show up at ECW on Sci FiÖthatís something I admire. I know you feel slighted because you never got a rematch for the belt. A lot of people think Iím holding your belt, but Iím not. I am the Champion. Hereís what I suggest. Tomorrow night, you and me, live on RAW for the WWE Championship.Ē Cena responded, ďI didnít come into your house and beg you for a rematch. You took everything away from me. Thatís not the John Cena spinner belt, thatís my life. You wanna come to RAW tomorrow night and give me a shot to take that back? See ya tomorrow night Champ.Ē Afterwards, the Champion had this to say about his Vengeance match. ďIt was very physical and thatís the way I like it. Iíve always said my strength is in endurance, the kind of endurance that allows you to absorb a lot of punishment and still be the guy that comes out on top. The match was under WWE rules but it still got very brutal and it was a very important victory for me because Iím still proving myself as a Champion. A lot of the talk was that tonight would be my last night as WWE Champion and go back to doing my ECW thing. Thatís not how it happened tonight, Iím still the Champion.Ē

Stolen Championship By Ed Williams III July 3, 2006 Ever since ECW One Night Stand, RAW has been without a WWE Champion, but after one wild night in the city of brotherly love, that is no longer the case. In a No Disqualificaion, No Count-out, Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship, John Cena looked to have everything wrapped up. Cena had laid out Van Dam with his patented FU, but right before he could make the cover, Edge came in from out of nowhere and leveled the Dr. of Thuganomics with the same Championship belt that they were both vying for. With that, the calculating Edge made the cover on the already fallen RVD and scored the easy 1-2-3. Edge had stolen the WWE Championship from John Cena. You can argue that Cena should have won. You can argue that Edgeís actions were somewhat underhanded. But one thing that you cannot argue is that the Rated R Superstar is the new WWE Champion, and the WWE Championship is back on RAW. Any time the WWE Championship changes hands, itís a huge deal, and any time it changes hands on RAW, itís an extremely rare occurrence. But before RAW went on the air tonight, the Championship wasnít even scheduled to be defended. The Triple Threat Match was supposed to take place at Saturday Nightís Main Event, and a Pick Your Partner Triple Threat Tag Team Match was supposed to take place on RAW at the Wachovia Center. But RVD changed all of that when he decided to prove that he was a fighting champion and defend the gold right then and there in Philadelphia. He did prove that he was a fighting champion, but he certainly didnít prove that he was a smart one. The result was the exact thing that ECWís Paul Heyman was afraid of. Heyman tried to discourage RVD from going through with the match since it was in a WWE ring, with WWE referees and against both Edge and Cena. But RVD said that he believed in himself and he believed in ECW. Heyman wasnít the only one who seemed to have some psychic powers on the night. Right before the Championship Match took place, Edge told Todd Grisham backstage, ďDespite being completely unprepared for this match, Iíll walk out with something that this city hasnít seen in 23 years Ė a champion.Ē And thatís exactly what he did. What does this mean for Saturday Nightís Main Event? And how will Cena react to having the WWE Championship so close to his grasp that he could taste it, only to have it ripped away by his arch nemesis?

The Money in the Bank Ladder Match will again be a part of WrestleMania this year. The first man to qualify for this year's edition is former Money in the Bank winner, Edge. The Rated-R Superstar took advantage of an assist from Randy Orton to defeat last year's Money in the Bank winner Rob Van Dam and confirm his ticket to WrestleMania. Edge has proven how valuable the opportunity can be. And because of RKO he will have the repeat preformance.

1.)Edge lost the IC title @ royal rumble 2 Regal who lost it 2 RVD @ wrestlemania 18
2.)RVD lost the IC title 2 RKO who then lost it 2 Edge
3.)RVD & Booker T lost the tag titles 2 Flair & Batista who then lost it 2 Edge & Benoit
4.)Edge lost the WWE title he got from John Cena (with the Money In The Bank briefcase) back to John Cena then RVD won the WWE title from John Cena (also using the Money In The Bank briefcase)
*ReyRey held the tag titles on Smackdown w/ both of them

Edge & RVD Together: tagging or rivalry