Cruiser Challengers

(It begins before the May 19, 2006 episode of Smackdown)

Paul London and Brian Kendrick are talking backstage as Edge and RVD arrive. Spanky says,
“Hey guys, congratulations on your getting your gold back last week.” Paul smiles,
“Yeah, it’s good to see you back together and teaching Christian and Jericho a lesson! Some one had to do it, so thanks.” RVD laughed as Edge rolled his eyes. Rob said,
“Thank you, and it was fun, but there is no reason for flattery dude, if you WANT a title shot… just ask.” Edge says,
“Why would they want that? They are cruisers. Don’t you guys wanna be the best in your division!?” Paul retorts,
“I have been cruiser champion, I could ask you the same thing.” Edge shot back,
“I have been WWE champion. HE hasn’t!” Gesturing at his partner, who gesturing at his partner who nudged him and said,
“Watch it, it was only for three weeks and I WILL get it some day. All the other titles you had, I have also, but I had some the you never did.” Edge cringed at the verbal low blow, but he didn’t respond cause he knew he deserved it. Brian was starting to regret speaking to them, nervously asked,
“May we have a title match?” Edge and Rob responded immediately in unison, but the PROBLEM was Rob said ‘yes’ and Edge said ‘no’. After a bit of discussion in whispers they told the younger team they could have the title shot IF they could also defeat the former champions, Chris and Christian. The cruiserweights agreed to the champions terms and shook on it.

~during the show~

Edge and Rob sat at the announce table to observe the match between Y2J, CLB & the youths. The younger team was hyper and respectful of the rules. But held their own even as Jericho tried to bring in a chair but since he didn’t swing it and got dropkicked there was no DQ. Later in the match Christian even hit a low blow and some blatant chokes when the ref wasn’t looking. Rob had seen enough and got up and started taunting him. CLB left the ring got in his face and started a shoving match. While trading insults Christian didn’t hear the count.


Tony Chimel announces,
“Here are your winners as a result of a count out, Brian Kendrick & Paul London” Rob smiles micheviously.

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