All Better

(It begins during the May 12, 2006 episode of Smackdown)

Christian and Jericho are seen making fun of Edge and Rob's closeness and are implying there is more to it then we see in the ring like with Billy and Chuck. Chris says,
Maybe they'd be happier facing Goldust and Rico!" just then Edge & RVD turn the corner chatting about their match that night. CLB and Y2J stiffle their laughter and play innocent hoping they wheren't over heard. Rob says to Edge,
"Hey, Do you recall who the tag team was who pranced around the arena in towels together a ways back was?" Edge pretends to think and while scratching his chin he replies,
"Not us... Um... I think it was THEM!" he turned and pointed at Jericho & Christian while laughing. The champs blushed HARD and stormed off scowling, Rob asks them,
"Hey before you go, did you ever settle who's ass-cream the Dudley's stole before Spike ripped your towels off!?"


Tony Chimel announces the tag team title match and the challengers greet their fans happily, feeling proud of them selves. The champs on the other hand where MAD even though the exchange backstage WAS their own fault.


The former champions have to be very careful because they MAY throw the match via DQ in order to save the belts. The match begins with the former World Champions Edge & Jericho. Edge tried to keep him down but not able to deliver a lowblow and the hesistantion allowed a tag a Christian who immediately stuck a thumb in his eye. As Edge stumbles around blindly he got close enough for Rob to tag him shoulder and leap into the ring as the legal man. The action quickened as Rob hit Christian with a non-stop barrage of various kicks. Christian is surprised to see them working as a cohesive unit again. CLB caught a kick ONLY to have RVD hit an enzigiri! Edge is tagged back in Rob pulls up CLB 4 a spear then a frog splash! He knocks Jericho off the apron as the ref counts the ...two ...three!


Tony Chimel announces,
"Here are your winners and NEW World Tag Team Champions, Edge & Rob Van Dam!"

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