Tough Love

(It begins at the start of the May 05, 2006 episode of Smackdown)

Tazz says,
Happy Cinco De Mayo!� and Michael Cole welcomes the fans to Smackdown then. RVD�s music hits. He makes a bee line for the ring with a mike in hand. He demands that Edge come out to face him now. As Edge�s music hits Rob tells Tony Chimel to announce the match and he complies.


They lock up and trade some amazing moves. But when RVD was floored by an enzigiri Edge went for a chair. Rob was getting up and still had his back turned Edge pulled the chair back to hit him KNOWING the ref was still out from a misplaced missle dropkick minutes before so he wouldn�t be caught, but he rethought it anyway and threw the chair out of the ring harmlessly. Then hit a spear as Rob turned and the ref came to at the proper time to count the fall.


Chimel announced Edge the winner, as a confused rumble fills the arena. The ref lifts his arm in victory. Then Edge walks over to Rob who was still down and looks down at him for then smiles and extends his hand. Rob hesitates but allows Edge to help him to his feet. Edge says,
�Thanks I needed that. Now we are even in the series from years ago. So what do you say we go get our rematch?� Rob nods.
�We never did tag long enough� lets go get our titles back!� They shake on it.

~after a commercial break backstage~

Rey Mysterio is walking happily towards the locker room to prepare for his match later in the night. Muttering that he KNEW it would be ok.
As he passes Christian & Jericho they are less excited. They give him a dirty look and go back to their plotting, because they know what a danger to the titles Rob & Edge are when they are getting along and they are obviously BACK on the same page.

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