Champs Fall

(It begins at the start of the April 27, 2006 episode of Smackdown)

Michael Cole welcomes everyone to smackdown and we hear Edge's music and Tony Chimel announces.
"the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a one on one match for the tag team titles and the partners WILL be banned from ringside until a decision is reached. Introducing first in the ring weighing in at 250 pounds ans hailing from Toronto, Canada, Edge!" Edge just gives a half smileto the fans as the announcer introduces his brother and opponent Christian.


The action was back and forth because though Edge can easily dominate the CLB on any given day usually he can't do so well with a broken heart. His mind was still on his lost love Lita. So after irish whipping CHRISTIAN he fell for the oldest trick in the book and was distracted more so by Jericho's music and took his eyes off his opponent just long enough for Christian to take control. CLB grabbed him and hit the unprettier, much to the shagrin of female fans the world over, the covered him for the one, two, three!


Edge just laid there staring at the ceiling as Tony Chimel announced to the disappointed fans that Christian was winner and he was half of the NEW World Tag Team Champions along with Chris Jericho.

Then RVD's music hits and he runs out in his street clothes. Christian looks scared and leaves. Rob helps Edge to his feet and asks, if he is ok. Edge lowers his eyes and gives a small nod. Rob smiles thoughtfully then kicks Edge back down. He stands over his partner and with a handful of hair screams into his face,
"I am sick of this! YOU AND ME NEXT WEEK ONE ON ONE!!" As he lets him go roughly and storms off. Then Tazz says,
"What the *bleeped* has gotten into RVD!?" as we go to commercial.
When we return Cristal asks Rey Mysterio for his thoughts on what just happened between his friends in the ring, and he replied,
"I don't know but I am going to find out." He walks way to find Rob to find out what got into to him and what exactly he is up to.

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