Drama Begins

(It begins at an autograph signing before the April 20, 2006 episode of Smackdown)

Fans are telling Edge how sorry they are he lost the WWE title and Lita. While they tell RVD how good it is to see him tagging with Edge again but they hope he hasn’t forgotten about the World Heavyweight title. Edge is visibly upset but remains polite and continues signing what ever the Edgeheads may bring and posing for pictures with them, just not with the big smile he is known for.

~later at the show~

Edge is trying to avoid sulking over losing his girlfriend but with even the other superstars trying to comfort him it just made him feel worse. He does NOT like being pitied. So he is trying to avoid all human contact.

~during the show~

Vince announces,
“I have heard rumors of John Cena being traded back to Smackdown,” the crowd cheered
“and our own announce team has informed me they’d prefer Lillian Garcia!” the crowd laughed
“but as chairman of this fine organization, I have decided that NO ONE from Raw will be replacing Matt or Lita!” which earned him a boo.
“Boo all you want, it won’t happen! No, since our tag team champions seem to of chased them off I am bringing back a tag team who has broken up and left the company, and since made up. Our champions have had trouble with them before but never together.” This earned him a confused mutter from the night’s crowd. Michael Cole even seemed confused while Tazz complained about being left out of the loop again. Vince continues,
“So tonight non-title in this very ring it will be RVD and Edge vs Y2J Chris Jericho and Christian! With the stipulation being if the former champions win them get new contracts and a title shot next week!”


Cristal finds Edge and asks him for his thoughts on tonight, which she just found out will be NEXT. He doesn’t respond.

~the match was introduced during the commercial break~


Brothers and former seven time tag champions Edge and Christian begin. Edge’s heart wasn’t in it at all so Christian took advantage but showboating would cost him as Edge hit a spear and went for an Edgecator, which Christian has tapped out to before. CLB got to the ropes to tag in Y2J, Edge losing interest tagged in RVD who pulled off some nice acrobatics before being floored by a dropkick. He went for a foot on the chest cover which surprisingly enough earned a two count. Then Jericho went for the Walls of Jericho, his trademark submission, but Rob had enough left to get to the bottom rope to force a break. He and Chris fought until they knocked each other out and simply from experience they draped an arm across the opponent’s chest. One, two, three! The ref doesn’t know what to tell Chimel. Then Vince appears on the titantron and says, “Edge and Christian, weren’t in this match enough, I booked a tag team match so since they were lazy this week and let there partners do all the work NEXT week we will have it one on one Christian vs Edge for the tag team titles.

~after a commercial break, backstage~

Edge and RVD are arguing. RVD says where where you out there, Edge said on the apron where I was supposed to be. Rob said no, where was your HEAD I needed you, people get dumped all the time get over it! Edge said like you’d know. Rob said ok maybe not but maybe that’s because I never cheated on anyone or fooled around with a friend’s girlfriend! Edge said yeah well at least I’ve held the WWE Title! Rob retorted yeah but the first time I get it will be CLEANLY and for more than three weeks!

ReyRey sees and icy look exchanged between his friends and leaps between them before they can start a shoving match. He attempts to calm them down. Then says,
“Come on guys we are all friends here, you guys are the World Tag Team Champions and if one of you is going through something the other should be there as a friend… could I see a hand shake?”
Edge and Rob look at each then and him for a second then nod and shake hands and exchange a muttered sorry. Then Rey said,
“That’s more like it. Everything will be ok.”

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