Love Lost

(It begins before the April 13, 2006 episode of Smackdown)
Rey Mysterio is in the locker room trying to get his team ready for their six man match later that night. Edge whoever is distracted pacing and repeatedly calling Lita on his cell and who ever else’s he can get hold of. She hasn’t spoken to him since she left after Smackdown last week . RVD tells him , it’s gonna be ok dude , she loves you, she’ll be here”

~meanwhile in Teddy Long’s office~

“What do you mean, ‘he is NOT coming’!?” The Smackdown GM demanded. Matt fearfully replied.
“Look I’m sorry but Tatanka just called and told me he wasn’t coming in tonight, he didn’t sound like he was feeling well, but he wouldn’t tell me what was wrong so I can’t tell you.” Teddy says.
“Well what am I supposed to do now? Cancel the match? No such luck. It is still on, so either you find your team another partner or it will be a two on three handicap match w/ JUST the cruiser title on the line! So I suggest you go find some other guy who is willing to tag with you and Helms . Now get out of my office.” Matt turns to leave then says from the door way. “Fine, and if we don’t win I’m going back to RAW.”

~minutes later as the show begins~

During the first match Matt is asking around to see who wants in on the six man match and hopefully become Tag Team Champions with him. He asked just about every man on the roster. They either already had matches or where friendly with one or more of the opponents and didn’t want in because of the grudges. Some just ignored him, until…
“Sure, I’ll DO it.” They shake on it, but the camera angle didn’t show the second mans face.

~after a commercial break~

Tony Chimel announces.
“The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for BOTH the Tag Team & Cruiser Weight Championships. The rules are though the combatants must tag in and out a title will change hands to the victorious team, as long as the win by pinfall or submission no matter WHO is involved in the decision. Introducing first at a combined weight of 485 pounds, they are the World Tag Team Champions, Edge and Rob Van Dam! And their partner from San Diego California weighing in at 165 pounds, Rey Mysterio!”

As they entered the ring to a huge cheer and posed in each corner, they Cruiser Weight Champion Gregory Helms and Matt Hardy where introduced, then.
“…and their partner… From St. Louis, Missouri weighing in at 245 pounds Randy Orton!” Tazz says,
“Whoa!” Michael Cole adds,
“This should make it more interesting but what was Matt Hardy THINKING asking him!?”


The cruisers start but Rey doesn’t get much air, at one point he Dropped The Dime but he missed a Brunco Buster, Gregory hit a few chops and clotheslines and then landed a few punches. He definitely had a better strategy this week which was to ground Rey by keeping him away from the ropes. But on and Irish Whip RVD made a blind tag and started working on the smaller man. Greg went for a Shining Wizard but it was to early and Rob caught him with a Van Daminator and was in full control because even with out flying Van Dam was stronger than Helms. After a Monkey Flip, Rob posed for the fans and Greg took his opening to tag in RKO who immediately focused his attack on the knee RVD recently has surgery on, not to ground him but JUST because he knew it was a kink in his armor. Seeing this Edge was bouncing on the apron looking to be tagged in the ref was distracted and went to check that he was still holding on to a tag rope, and MISSED a Chop Block to RVD’s knee, but he turned when he heard the scream. He questioned Randy who of course played innocent. Greg taunted Rey from the apron who came in, but the ref stopped him with caused him to MISS a second vicious shot to Rob’s knee this time it was on the steel ring post. Having seen enough Edge came in and hit an Edgeucution. The now hurting third generation superstar couldn’t go for his RKO finisher as planned so he tagged in Matt. Edge darted back 2to the apron to except Rob’s tag and when he did, it was ON! They beat the hell out of each other for a while and almost forced a disqualification but they couldn’t have that with titles on the line. Edge went for an Edgeucator but RKO broke it up. RVD then flew in to hit him w/ a version of the van terminator but aimed at a standing opponent in the middle of the ring! While the illegal man fought Matt attempted to tag the Cruiser Champ, but Edge caught him with a Spear and he locked in the submission hold again. Their partners had since rolled from the ring and where obliviously fighting amongst themselves, Edge called for the referee who then got into position and asked Matt if he wanted to give up. At first he said no, and tried to get to the ropes which just made Edge tighten the hold, which forced Matt to tap out.


Chimel announces,
“Here are your winners, STILL Tag Team Champions RVD and Edge and the NEW Cruiser Weight Champion Rey Mysterio!” The ref hands them each their belts and raise their hands in victory. As he did so with Rey, Edge & RVD put theirs’ on and when Rey is holding his title over his head they lift him on to their shoulders… then… We hear Lita’s music, she comes out with a mike and says,
“Wow you guys manage to win… Edge, you know WHY I wasn’t taking your calls all week? Well, you have changed, you went soft and are satisfied with lesser titles, but guess what I AM NOT and I thought we had things in common, but you are satified with mediocrity and I am not so consider this relationship OVER! I can’t stand to be on the same show as you anymore so I am going back to RAW as well. If Matt is willing to take me back maybe I can make a WWE Champion out of him like I did with you!

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