Old Friends

(It begins at RAW on April 03, 2006)

Edge and Rob Van Dam come out first in street clothes to Edge's current music with their newly won Tag Team Titles draped over their shoulders. The announcers welcomed the crowd and seemed confused to see the TAG champions and not the WWE champion. The crowd cheers, Edge has a microphone and calls out the former Tag Team champions. Moments Kane and Big Show come out dressed for action. Edge says,
"I bet you guys are wondering why we wanted you out here... well we won't keep you waiting, it's to tell you that we can't give you a rematch." They start to turn to turn red, RVD takes the mike and continues the explanation.
"Dude you guys know I never dodge anyone and defend whenever I can, but we can't face YOU because we got traded. We told Vince if we won we wanted to go to Smackdown and improve there ratings it's ok but it's mostly rookies they need some experienced stars." Edge takes the mike back as the approach to just out side the ring.
"Besides that it's only fair the WWE title is here now but the WORLD Tag Team titles so it makes since to switch us too. So if you want a title shot don't look at us, talk 2 them..." MNM's music hits and Melina come's out with a WWE Tag Team Champion on each arm. They as always have there belts tucked into their tights. While Kane and Show are looking and the new raw tag champs they will have to deal with Edge and RVD escape threw the crowd.

~Frday before Smackdown~

Since Melina went with Nitro and Mercury to RAW, Lita got to go to Smackdown with her tag team. The three of them are backstage talking in the hall as Rey Mysterio arrives. Rob goes over and hugs his old friend and talks to him for a bit. Then as Rey turns to walk away and prepare for the night, Edge stops him.
"Hey ReyRey, it's ok I ain't gonna hurt ya, I just wanted you to know last time I was here, that spear was spear wasn't personal, and I AM sorry, so... are we cool again?" Edge holds out his hand. Rey looks him up and down as if he was trying to figure out if it was a trick, once satisfied he was being sincere he say,
"Yeah we're good" as he shook his old friendsí hand, then he heads for the locker room to change.

~later during the show~

Edge and RVD are hanging out backstage talking to some of the superstars who want a shot at their gold. Lita is sitting on Edge's lap with an arm around him and he has a hand on her knee. Rob notices Rey's match on the monitor and nudges Edge to look. It's a cruiser title match. A few minutes later they look again and the champion Gregory helms has been disqualified for not releasing a blatant choke after a count of five. Greg freaked out because he KNOWS that means Rey would get a rematch and he CAN'T beat him cleanly. Greg was beating Rey pretty severely outside the ring including shots with the belt and when he was about to sandwich Rey's head between the steal ring post and steal chair.
Just as Helm's was pulling the chair back to take the shot he hears a loud cheer, momentarily distracted, he turns to find the tag champs he tries to run but they where simply to close and there wasn't time. Rob catches him as Edge checks on Rey who stumbles to his feet and says,
"I'm fine, you two just HOLD him for me" they get him in position for a 619 and Rey hits it and gestures to the time keeper he wants a mike.
"This isn't over next week, I will be the new Cruiserweight Champion!" He tosses the mike from the ring towards the retreating champion. Edge & RVD each hold an arm up in impending victory.
Suddenly Matt Hardy's music hits. He comes out looking upset and picks up the microphone Rey threw just moments before. There is a bit of static from the abused mike then Hardy speaks,
"Edge I want you in the ring. No disrespect to you Rob, but I want to take that title from Edge like he took Lita from me!" Rob says,
"We won't turn down a challenge so you are on" Teddy Long's music hits. The GM comes down to the ring and takes the mike from Matt.
"Well well well playa, you boys seem to be making a lot of matches for yourselves. This is how itís going to go down. Next week, in this very ring we will be having a six man match. The first team will be Rey Mysterio, Edge & RVD and their opponents will be Gregory Helms, Matt Hardy & Tatanka. The stipulation is as follows, it is one fall to a finish however BOTH titles will be on the line so if his team win Rey gets the cruiser title..." Matt looks pissed, but Teddy continues.
"...however if Matt's team wins he and Tatanka will be the new WWE Tag Team Champions!" Matt nods his approval. The crowd loves it, the three men in the ring are already discussing their strategies. Michael Cole says,
"Oh wow! I can't wait" Tazz adds.
"It'll be a rocket-buster! Where else are you going to find action like this on a Friday night on network TV?"

~after the commercial backstage~

Lita is nervous and obviously upset about next weeks match.
"How could you guys except that match!? Youíre the tag team champions! Just to help Rey you are going to risk your titles against Matt and a man you have never been in the ring with! And I suppose you won't LET me get involved either, right? I guess you LIKE losing your titles!" she pauses, looks Edge square in the eyes then at Rob and back to Edge,
"Wow... 11 days, huh? I'm very impressed." And with that she storms out of the arena.

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