Trust Me

(It begins after the February 20, 2006 episode of RAW)

Rob Van Dam is sitting on a bench in the men's locker room pouting after losing in the thriple threat number one contender's match for Wrestlemania. Suddenly Edge enters the room to change back into his street clothes before heading back to his hotel for the night. RVD gets an idea. He walks over to Edge.
"Hey, I was just thinking we are BOTH out of this years mania main event... so instead of picking on a legend like Mick Foley, why don't we get some gold together?" Edge looks suspicious and says,
"What the HELL are you talking about?" Rob gives an innocent smile and replies, "I'm serious, we did tag before, come on it was fun, and what better way for you to win the fans back!" Edge just rolls his eyes, but after brief pause he says,
"Sure, what the hell, count me in" They shake on it, and Rob gives Edge a pat on the shoulder and says,
"Trust me"
~moments later in Mr. McMahon's office~

Rob explains his plan to their boss who replies,
"Well Rob I think thats a hellava idea and I for one would love to see it, however..." Edge cuts him off,
"It's cool Vince I already said yes!" the boss does not appreciate his employees cutting him off or calling him by his first name so he gets annoyed.
"SHUT UP!! The problem is I don't want to be the one to tell the champions to do anything. So you want your title match at wrestlemania, you've got it. On the condition YOU convince the champions."
Edge & RVD thank the chairman for his time & start their search for the champions.

~in the parking lot~

Edge & RVD search a few minutes for the tag champions cars to see if they are still there. The find the Big Show tossing a large duffle bag into his trunk. Rob explains his idea. Show slams the lid closed and laughs a bit then looks into Rob's eyes chocolate brown and sees that he is serious.
"Wait your boys are SERIOUS!?" Rob explains that it's a way to get on the biggest pay per view card of the year since they all lost their main event opprotunities. That earned him a dirty look from the five hundred pound monster but he was out numbered and not about to start a fight, so he just smiles, and holds up a sausage like finger signaling for them be quiet for a minute, and makes a call on his cell phone. Then he says,
"Alright guys we are going drinking hop in" When they arrive at the bar they immediately spot Kane, who is already halfway into his second beer of the night and seemingly unphased, sitting on a stool in front of the tap. Show orders a round as Rob pleads his case to the Big Red Machine, while Edge nurses his beer trying to avoid eye contact, as Kane stairs a hole threw him. Rob reminds him of all the tag titles Edge & himself have held over the years. Little does he know Kane isn't paying any attention to this, the only reason he hasn't attacked is he WANTS Edge in the ring, he hasn't forgotten that he stole his wife Lita, not that she ever actually even LIKED him but she was HIS he won the right to marry her in a match with Matt Hardy a while back. Rob continues unaware of what is going on in the warped mind of Kane.
"We would be willing to earn it by facing you individually or together non-title first or face some other team or..." Kane stops him shaking his head no. Rob's face fell. Then Kane stated.
"You're on. Muhahahahahahahahahaha!" Edge and Rob exchange a glance that says, 'lets get the hell outta here'

From the morning after until just before hitting the ring the night of Wrestlemania Edge and RVD plotted... thinking of what works against Kane and Show and what they have done with other tag partners including Rey Mysterio, but sadly they are both to big to pull off together the sort of moves they did with ReyRey years ago on Smackdown. They learned alot from common rivalries but Kane had been more than that to Rob they where once tagteam champions together. He could be a key factor in winning themselves the gold. He did have a vicious rivalry with both men but Rob knew the other side also. By curtain time the strategy was set. Isolate Kane and beat the HELL out of him!

~Sunday: April 2, 2006 Chicago, Illinois~

Edge & Rob both are going in with spotless records at Wrestlemania and gave each other a quick pep talk during the video package that was shown leading up to their match.
As a good luck charm of sorts they both had some gold in their ring attire which was from the era in which they last tagged and Edge also used the complete entrance from back then which was early 2002. Also Rob had convinced his old friend Lita to watch on the moniters backstage.
Howard Finkle announces,
"The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the World TagTeam Championship! Introducing first the challengers... Making his way to the ring hailing from Battle Creek, Michigan and weighing in at 230 pounds, Rob! Van! Dam!" Rob does the thumb thing, then touches hands with a few fans and climbs into the ring as the Fink continues,
"And his partner from Toronto Ontario weighing in at 250 pounds, Edge!" He hops around like he used to and slides into the ring doing the tongue flick, gets up, high fives Rob and they work the corners. The announcer continues by introducing the champions as Edge places his shades and trench coat with the time keeper where soon referee Mike Chioda will put the titles this match is for. The ref holds up the gold then hands it off to the time keeper who places them on top of the coat surrounding his shades.


The defending champs thankfully start with Kane so the challengers start with Rob Van Dam. Kane would have nothing of it and shoves Rob right back into the friendly corner, taking the hint Edge tags himself into the match flashing Rob a mischevious grin as if asking for permission to fight dirty while his wild green eyes dance with excitement. Rob catches his eye and ever so slightly so the crowd wouldn't notice he shakes his head no. For three reasons, first because he didn't want to get disqualified that would ruin their spotless mania records, secondly because it would taint his reputation with the fans even if they did win and finally they may never get another shot at the tag titles together. They lock up. Kane begins by irish whipping Edge and goes for a big boot but Edge sees it coming and ducks beneath it bounces of the ropes and hits Kane from behind with a spear and tries for a cover and barely got a one count. So Edge tried a spinning wheel kick which floored the monster, he attempted a edgeucator but Kane was simply to big so he went for a missle drop kick which was a costly mistake. Kane moved just in time and Edge was HURT the ref started a ten count but Kane pulled him up by the hair not satisfied with a count out victory and went for a tombstone piledriver. Knowing that Edge has had spinal fusion surgery RVD did a one footed kick off the tope rope to break it up. Show tried to come in but the ref stopped him since RVD had already retreated to his place on the apron. Meanwhile, Edge has recovered enough to tag in Rob who came in with a crossbody, Kane attempted to catch him but it didn't work then Rob went for a split legged moonsault and a cover. Two count only says the ref. Now a few quick kicks and a rolling thunder that should of been the end of the match but Show broke up the cover just inches away. Much to the shagrin of Joey Styles & the crowd booed. Edge speared Show hard which knocked him out of the ring and earned a cheer. Kane sat up & hit a chokeslam and that earned a him a two count. Rob looked to make a tag but Edge wasn't back in their corner in time to take it. Kane hit a clothesline and had Rob dazed than went for a two handed chokelift which RVD quickly fought out of and scrambled his way to make a tag to Edge who didn't see him coming so he BARELY made it but thankfully the ref saw it which made Edge the legal man. Edge hit a standing drop kick from behind then a spear to floor the opponent then tagged Rob back in to hit a five star frog splash while Edge ran to knock Show off the apron. The ref counted the fall ...1...2...3! Edge gives Rob a celebration hug.


The Fink grabs a mic and announces,
"Here are your winners and NEW World TagTeam Champions Rob Van Dam and Edge" While the ref hands them each a title belt. As he raises their hands in victory Rob says,
"Dude, I'm sorry, for a while, I thought you had left me alone out there" Edge replies.
"Nah, this is just the begining... we are gonna have these belts a LONG time... Trust Me!"

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