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Welcome 2 Edge & RVD!

Below is the list of fan encounters with Edge & RVD that people have sent 2 me

Edge encounters
Mine was 11-29-04 @ a Walmart in northern Maryland, in short I took several pix, but I was kewl & didn't faint... he signed the Edge Army shirt that I was WEARING... (between my right shoulder & breast... black marker on a black shirt lol @_@) and I hugged him... but my mom didn't get the picture in time so HE HUGGED ME AGAIN! (and he said YES he does still get da emails but hasn't been home in 2 months & h8s his laptop)

I met Edge a while back. (It was with the Undertaker) I met him at a after party. (after a PPV) He is cool and I met other (then) WWF superstars, it was cool (Mick Foley, Stone Cold, Rock & HHH)

jhardyzlilangel15(neopets name)-
The closest I've ever been to Edge was when there was a table between us and he was signing my magazine lol! (not exactly an encounter)

antygone_rex(yahoo name)- I met him when he was still with the brood... they where all cool

gina- omg what a sweetheart and a gentleman. He absolutely loved my gift which I know for a fact. Because when I handed it to him he started looking through the bag and saw the yankees bear and yelled out "Yankees", I thought, score one up for me. I met someone else tonight that I know from being online and I am now and official Edgeucater. I actually had to get permission from Adam himself to join this group. I will be getting a t shirt made and everything. (and he is more gorgeous/huge in person)

wweedgucation- I did get to meet Edge briefly while he was loading his luggage out of the hotel into Tomko's car. While in Hartford, Edge traveled with Tyson Tomko. I got to say hi to Edge and congratulated him on his IC Title win at Vengeance. He thanked me and got in the car and left. I was sad that I didn't get to ask him any questions as he was in a hurry. In Manchester however, I got the pleasure of seeing Edge once again outside the hotel he and I happen to be staying in!! Again, he was loading his luggage into a limousine this time, and as he was swarmed with other fans, I didnt get to to ask him his birth time. I simply got to say hi to him and that was basically it. He smiled and said hi to me and got into the limo and left. I was so heartbroken that I didn't get to ask him anything that I had planned. BUT I did get to talk to him TWICE and look into his GORGEOUS face!!!!! I was probably three feet away from him each time. I wanted SO MUCH to just walk over and touch his hair, but I knew that would not be cool at the time.

damian hex- adam said oh thank god i'm not the ONLY guy here w/ long hair

Send me your story!
Mine was 06-28-02 at Six Flags America in Maryland, he and Spike Dudley were like an hour late, but I got Rob to sign a picture I printed from! He is just as sweet as he is adorable and talented! I for one, will NEVER forget my RVD encounter! 100%Guaranteed by me! If you ever meet that man, you will NEVER forget him! I read a very sick and creepy book series called Everworld and when I was feeling like I'm gonna barf or scared I just popped in Forcable Entry and went to song 8 'One Of A Kind' by Breaking Point (RVD's song) and I felt better... and brave enough 2 continue reading!

mhardyzgurl- I got 2 meet RVD after a show once,he was really nice, and he gave the lil' boy next 2 me his gloves and stuff :)

edgeheadamanda- Well I wne to meet him, I don't remember the date though, I have a bad memory. He signed a magazine for me. He was really nice, I have liked more since that... he is a really nice person.

adamandpam2002- This was before he got married, but his soon to be wife was with him,she was taking care of the moneey you had to pay for a pic with RVD, I took a pic with him and I put my arm around him, I could feel his mucles, he was very nice and took the time to talk to me, and asked if I was coming to the event that night, and how i felt about wrestling!

wwe_edgecution- I met RVD back when he was tagging w/ Booker at a show. (Him and Booker T) They look so different off camera. It was cool meeting them.

soccerbe-my boss called me to say that RVD was at the building across the street from where i work! Needless to say I left as soon as i got the phone call to go see RVD When i got there and i first saw RVD i thought I was going to die! They told me it was $35.00 for an autograph and i was like what ever and I handed them the money happily. I was so nervious when i walked in front of the counter with RVD there. So he personally autographed the picture of him! My sister was wearing a family guy shirt and RVD was like "did you see the episode last night ? .. Last weeks was better"... So I began talking to him!!!!! I asked him when he was coming back .. he said that he would be cleared to wrestle in Aug. and that he really does not follow the WWE tour schedule right now ( he didnt know about the PPV in Las Vegas in June) The guy next to him started talking like... oh.. you should get his DVD.. and i said I already had it, and the before they were superstars one too! I began talking to him about Wrestlemania 21.. and about the Breakfast the day of the event. .. I reminded him how i was sitting right in front of him that day! and he was like cool ... He said how the Breakfast question and answer session was B.S. because only 3 questions were asked and it was cut short. He asked me if i went to his store yet. I was like... no i didnt get a chance to yet but i definatly am going to go! He was all happy! I told him that he was my favorite Wrestler of all time and he was happy as hell. He then posed for a picture with me with his ECW world champion belt. He said that he was going to be at the ECW PPV this june in New York! Then i had to go because other people wanted to talk to him! But the memorys of meeting RVD will last a lifetime, because he was so nice and so down to earth! NEXT TIME I Was At Raw May 22, 2006! Before the show I met RVD and got him to autograph my RVD shirt After the show i went to Best Buy where RVD and Maria were signing autographs! Since i was wearing my RVD shirt RVD said this is what you get for supporting RVD! ...and he handed me his wrist tape from raw! all sweaty and everything... needless to say that is getting framed... I love RVD!

damian hex- i told him the spelling of my real first name and he asked how else could it b spelled i told him and said like my friend behind me... i didn't know the guy and that wasn't his name and rob looked annoyed w/ me

Edge & RVD Encounters