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Welcome 2 Edge & RVD!

Below are the bios of Edge & RVD

other roles

real name- Adam Joesph Copeland
DOB- 10/30/73 (he was 10lbs 12oz & born @ 7:05am @ Orangeville Hospitial)
Mom- Judy born 01-02-53 (they are very close)
Dad- (never met him, he left while Judy was still pregnant with him)
Tatoo- street shark (left shoulder- he was 18) he has another one now... it is a black sun... done over the street shark @_@
Met Jason Reso (Christian)- 6th gr. @ Orangeville Middle School
Started training- 17 (he won a contest... his mother Judy couldn't have afforded it otherwise)
School- best in biology, faves were art and english, he hated math
Superstitious?- he never get ripped pads fixed, wears lucky socks and a choker
Gorgeous & Talented?- yup, but he doesn't believe so
Fans- Edgeheads, Edge Army or Edge Addicts, whatever you may call us, he loves and opreshe8s us! ^_^
DIVORCED- he was married to Alanah Morley on 11-08-01 (no kids-yet) but would like to have some (UPDATE!- he is remarried now 2 Lisa on 10-21-04)
Not a bad boy- doesn't drink *cough* (much) or smoke and hardly is even out late
teams: toronto maple leafs, new jersey devils, seattle mariners & south korean world cup team
Music Group: red hot chilli peppers
CDs: maladroit-weezer, degradation trip-jerry cantrell, wingspan-paul mccartney
Cities(crowds)-chicago (also likes the moondance diner there)
Actors- edward norton, johnny depp, brad pitt
actress- cameron diaz
foods- pancakes & cookies (esp. chocolate chip, also white chocolate & peanut butter but hates oatmeal cookies)
On a girl- eyes & uh... think about what Stacey Keibler is known 4... (both... yeah thats it)
Vacation spots- Australia, Ireland, Hawaii & Banff (in alberta canada)
Wrestling anniversary- 07-07-93
shoe size-14

real name- Robert Szatkowski
Family- he has an older brother and an older sister, his parent's names are Pat and Alex, his wife's name is Sonya
He was born a month early
As a child Rob loved the water (where he perfected his acrobatics) and he loved to watch wrestling.(since 13)
While attenting Pennfeild Highschool in Battle Creek, Michagin (where he still lives) he got picked on for being the geek with the glasses, who dreamed of stardom as a pro-wrestler. He once got suspended 4 doing a backflip off the roof of the school. (perfectly & twice)
He was a heavyweight runner up in the 1990 Kalamazoo, Michigan Toughman Contest
He is fluent in Spanish.
He was the only wrestler on the cover of 'high times' mag
He is known for freaking out his co-workers by doing 45 minutes of extreme stretching before any match. His confedence should NOT be confused with being stuck-up, nor should his laid-back personality be confused with lack of passion. Years ago he would go bungee jumping & skydiving but, he claims, he never 'felt the rush'.
shoe size 12 Adam & Rob's Bios